The 2007 Founders Cup Playoffs of the Professional Inline Hockey Association began on April 27, 2007. The sixteen team that qualified, four from each division, played a best-of-three series for the divisional semifinals and finals, then a best-of-five series for the conference finals, and then the conference champions will play a best-of-seven series for the Founders Cup. The series ended on May 27, 2007 with the Boston Roller Rats defeating the Southside Snipers four games to three. For the first time since 2002, neither of the two Founders Cup finalists (the Boston Roller Rats and the Southside Snipers) has previously won the Cup.

No division winner made it past their divisional final. The York Typhoon became the first former Founders Cup champion to not make the playoffs. The Founders Cup Final for the first time was contested in a best-of-seven series.

Playoff seedsEdit

After the 2001-02 PIHA season, 16 teams qualified for the playoffs. The Pittsburgh Bandits were the Mason Dixon Division regular season champions and were also the Best Overall Record trophy winners with 60 points. The Philadelphia Growl won their second consecutive division title with 54 points. The Midwest Tornadoes won the first Gateway Division championship with 47 points. The Westminster Blizzard won their first divisional title, winning the Rocky Mountain Division with 43 points.

Eastern ConferenceEdit

Northeast DivisionEdit

  1. Philadelphia Growl (2) - Northeast Division, 54 points
  2. Boston Rolle Rats (4) - 42 points
  3. Massachusetts Bombers (5) - 39 points
  4. Connecticut Coasters (6) - 36 points

Mason Dixon DivisionEdit

  1. Pittsburgh Bandits (1) - Mason Dixon Division, Eastern Conference regular season champions, and Best Overall Record trophy, 60 points
  2. Harrisburg Lunatics (3) - 48 points
  3. Marple Gladiators (7) - 35 points
  4. Pottstown eXpress (8) - 32 points

Western ConferenceEdit

Gateway DivisionEdit

  1. Midwest Tornadoes (1) - Gateway Division and Western Conference regular season champions, 47 points
  2. Southside Snipers (2) - 45 points
  3. River City Whalers (5) - 37 points
  4. St. Louis Pythons (7) - 34 points (16 wins)

Rocky Mountain DivisionEdit

  1. Westminster Blizzard (3) - Rocky Mountain Division, 43 points
  2. Pikes Peak Prowlers (4) - 42 points
  3. Fort Collins Catz (6) - 35 points
  4. Littleton Fire (8) - 34 points (14 wins)


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Statistical leadersEdit

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Divisional SemifinalsEdit

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