The 2007 Founders Cup Playoffs of the Professional Inline Hockey Association began on April 24, 2007. The sixteen teams that qualified, four from each division, played best-of-3 series for the division semifinals and division finals, best-of-5 series for the conference championships, and then the conference champions played a best-of-7 series for the Founders Cup. The series end on June 27, 2007 with the Boston Roller Rats defeating the Southside Snipers four games to three. For the first time since PIHA's inaugural season (2002), neither of the two Founders Cup finalists (the Boston Roller Rats and the Southside Snipers) has previously won the Cup. Both teams were also expansion teams for the 2006-07 season.

Playoff seedsEdit

After the 2006-07 PIHA season, the new playoff format allowed 16 teams to qualify for the playoffs (four from each division). The Pittsburgh Bandits were the Eastern Conference regular season champions and were also the Best Overall Record Trophy winners with the best record at 60 points (30 wins, 2 losses, 0 overtime/shootout losses). The Midwest Tornados earned the Western Conference regular season crown with 47 points (23 wins, 8 losses, 1 overtime/shootout loss).

Eastern ConferenceEdit

Northeast DivisionEdit

  1. Philadelphia Growl - Northeast Division champions, 54 points
  2. Boston Roller Rats - 42 points
  3. Massachusetts Bombers - 39 points
  4. Connecticut Blaze - 36 points

Mason Dixon DivisionEdit

  1. Pittsburgh Bandits - Mason Dixon Division and Eastern Conference regular season champions; Best Overall Record Trophy winners, 60 points
  2. Harrisburg Lunatics - 48 points
  3. Marple Gladiators - 35 points
  4. Pottstown eXpress - 32 points

Western ConferenceEdit

Gateway DivisionEdit

  1. Midwest Tornados - Gateway Division and Western Conference regular season champions, 47 points
  2. Southside Snipers - 45 points
  3. River City Whalers - 37 points
  4. St. Louis Pythons - 34 points

Rocky Mountain DivisionEdit

  1. Westminster Blizzard - Rocky Mountain Division champions, 43 points
  2. Pikes Peak Prowlers - 42 points
  3. Fort Collins Catz - 35 points
  4. Littleton Fire - 34 points



In the division finals, the two winners from each division seminfinal is matched against each other. The two division winners from each conference are then matched up in the conference finals. The two conference champions then face each other in the Founders Cup Final.

In the division semifinals and finals, the higher seeded team based on points is awarded home court advantage, which gives them home court during the series. The conference finals and Founders Cup Final are then played at neutral sites. The Eastern Conference Final was played at Sportsplex in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. The Western Conference Final was played at All American Sports Mall in St. Louis, Missouri. The Founders Cup Final was played at Tour Hockey Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Scoring leadersEdit


Note: GP = Games Played; G = Goals; A = Assists; PTS = Points; PIM = Penalty Minutes

Player Team GP G A PTS
Rodney Millette Boston Roller Rats 17 16 16 32
Jeff Goulet Boston Roller Rats 16 12 16 28
Chris Loness Southside Snipers 15 8 17 25
Tommy Bruce Southside Snipers 8 13 9 22
Greg Thompson Southside Snipers 9 8 12 20
Phil Maroon Southside Snipers 15 9 10 19
Darrell Interbartolo Boston Roller Rats 11 7 11 18
Zack Reis Southside Snipers 13 12 4 16
Steve Yingling Harrisburg Lunatics 6 7 5 12
Adam Clark Southside Snipers 15 2 10 12
Jay McGeown Boston Roller Rats 17 6 4 10
John Pinheiro Connecticut Blaze 6 6 4 10
Gerrard Cioffi Boston Roller Rats 14 3 7 10
Dan Liberty Boston Roller Rats 15 2 8 10
Jay Mazer Harrisburg Lunatics 6 5 4 9



Penalty MinutesEdit

Goaltending leadersEdit


Goals Against AverageEdit

Save PercentageEdit

Division SemifinalsEdit

Note: game-winning goal scorer indicated in italics

Eastern ConferenceEdit

(NE1) Philadelphia Growl vs. (NE4) Connecticut BlazeEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Philadelphia goals Connecticut goals Winning goalie
1April 28Voorhees, NJConnecticut 3, Philadelphia 2 (OT)Catalano, BeauchampPinheiro 2, GuistoWolfe
2April 28Voorhees, NJPhiladelphia 5, Connecticut 3Beauchamp 2, Catalano, Sullivan, KeatingPinheiro, Kull, MorrisD'Aloisio
3April 28Voorhees, NJConnecticut 1, Philadelphia 0 Wolfe
Blaze win series 2-1Beauchamp 3, Catalano 2, Sullivan, KeatingPinheiro 3, Guisto, Kull, MorrisWolfe 2

(NE2) Boston Roller Rats vs. (NE3) Massachusetts BombersEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Boston goals Massachusetts goals Winning goalie
1April 28Holbrook, MABoston 4, Massachusetts 2Interbartolo 2, Millette 2Vinneau 2Pennecke
2April 28Holbrook, MAMassahcusetts 4, Boston 2Interbartolo, KingGambale 2, Giordano 2Berian
3April 28Holbrook, MABoston 2, Massachusetts 1King, GouletIngramPennecke
Roller Rats win series 2-1Interbartolo 3, Millette 2, King 2, GouletVinneau 2, Gambale 2, Giordano 2 IngramPennecke 2

(MD1) Pittsburgh Bandits vs. (MD4) Pottstown eXpressEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Pittsburgh goals Pottstown goals Winning goalie
1April 28Canonsburg, PAPittsburgh 1, Pottstown 0
2April 28Canonsburg, PAPittsburgh 1, Pottstown 0
Bandits win series 2-0

(MD2) Harrisburg Lunatics vs. (MD3) Marple GladiatorsEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Harrisburg goals Marple goals Winning goalie
1April 28Lemoyne, PAHarrisburg 9, Marple 0Pappas 3, Miller 2, Yingling, Allen, Powell, Mazer Rohrbach
2April 28Lemoyne, PAHarrisburg 4, Marple 3Yingling, Allen, Bartlett 2Casey, Jastrzemski, RomanRohrbach
Harrisburg win series 2-0Pappas 3, Miller 2, Yingling 2, Allen 2, Bartlett 2, Powell, MazerCasey, Jastrzemski, RomanRohrbach 2

Western ConferenceEdit

(G1) Midwest Tornados vs. (G4) St. Louis PythonsEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Midwest goals St. Louis goals Winning goalie
1April 24Ballwin, MOSt. Louis 4, Midwest 3Moeser 2, FudgeMobley, Propp 2, MarchandColeman
2April 24Ballwin, MOMidwest 6, St. Louis 2Hewkin, Fudge 2, O'Leary, Warren, BarnetteMaloney, MarchandCash
3April 24Ballwin, MOMidwest 2, St. Louis 0Barnette 2 Cash
Tornados win series 2-1Fudge 3, Burnette 3, Moeser 2, Hewkin, O'Leary, WarrenPropp 2, Marchand 2, Mobley, MaloneyCash 2

(G2) Southside Snipers vs. (G3) River City WhalersEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Southside goals River City goals Winning goalie
1April 25St. Louis, MOSouthside 6, River City 3Carroll 2, Loness, Thompson 2, BruceBeilsten 2, K.DaleoBrown
2April 25St. Louis, MOSouthside 5, River City 2Bruce 3, Thompson, ReisBeilsten, D.DaleoBrown
Snipers win series 2-0Bruce 4, Thompson 3, Carroll 2, Loness, ReisBeilsten 3, K.Daleo, D.DaleoBrown 2

(RM1) Westminster Blizzard vs. (RM4) Littleton FireEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Westminster goals Littleton goals Winning goalie
1April 28Denver, COWestminster 4, Littleton 3
2April 28Denver, COWestminster 8, Littleton 7
Blizzard win series 2-0

(RM2) Pikes Peak Prowlers vs. (RM3) Fort Collins CatzEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Pikes Peak goals Fort Collins goals Winning goalie
1April 26Colorado Springs, COFort Collins 3, Pikes Peak 2Bogenrief 2Vickerman 2, ThedeMikel
2April 26Colorado Springs, COPikes Peak 3, Fort Collins 1Hayden, Ingrum, PearsonDreuxLamb
3April 26Colorado Springs, COPikes Peak 2, Fort Collins 0Hayden, Harrison Lamb
Prowlers win series 2-1Bogenrief 2, Hayden 2, Ingrum, Pearson, HarrisonVickerman 2, Thede, DreuxLamb 2

Division FinalsEdit

Eastern ConferenceEdit

(NE2) Boston Roller Rats vs. (NE4) Connecticut BlazeEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Boston goals Connecticut goals Winning goalie
1April 29Holbrook, MABoston 7, Connecticut 4Millette 4, McGeown, Goulet, InterbartoloDehm, Pinheiro, English, RussoLee
2April 29Holbrook, MAConnecticut 4, Boston 2Goulet 2Pinheiro 2, Lucibello, KullPerry
3April 29Holbrook, MABoston 1, Connecticut 0Interbartolo Pennecke
Roller Rats win series 2-1Millette 4, Goulet 3, Interbartolo 2, McGeownPinheiro 3, Dehm, English, Russo, Lucibello, KullLee, Perry, Pennecke

(MD1) Pittsburgh Bandits vs. (MD2) Harrisburg LunaticsEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Pittsburgh goals Harrisburg goals Winning goalie
1April 29Canonsburg, PAHarrisburg 4, Pittsburgh 0
2April 29Canonsburg, PAHarrisburg 5, Pittsburgh 4
Lunatics win series 2-0

Western ConferenceEdit

(G1) Midwest Tornados vs. (G2) Southside SnipersEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Midwest goals Southside goals Winning goalie
1April 28Ballwin, MOSouthside 4, Midwest 3Fudge, Barnette, McCannThompson, Reis 2, BruceBrown
2April 28Ballwin, MOSouthside 4, Midwest 1McCannBruce 2, Loness, AltnetherBrown
Snipers win series 2-0McCann 2, Fudge, BarnetteBruce 3, Reis 2, Thompson, Loness, AltnetherBrown 2

(RM1) Westminster Blizzard vs. (RM2) Pikes Peak ProwlersEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Westminster goals Prowlers goals Winning goalie
1April 29Denver, COPikes Peak 7, Westminster 2
2April 29Denver, COPikes Peak 6, Westminster 5
Prowlers win series 2-0

Conference finalsEdit

Eastern ConferenceEdit

(NE2) Boston Roller Rats vs. (MD2) Harrisburg LunaticsEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Boston goals Harrisburg goals Winning goalie
1May 5Feasterville, PABoston 4, Harrisburg 2Goulet 3, McGeownMazer 2Lee
2May 5Feasterville, PABoston 8, Harrisburg 7Squillacioti, Brennan, Millette 3, Interbartolo, Cioffi, LibertyHollenbush, Yingling 3, Allen, MazerLee
3May 6Feasterville, PAHarrisburg 5, Boston 0 Yingling, Mazer, Allen, Spain, PowellRohrbach
4May 6Feasterville, PABoston 7, Harrisburg 0Goulet 3, Millette 2, King 2 Lee
Roller Rats win series 3-1Goulet 6, Millette 5, King 2, McGeown, Squillacioti, Brennan, Interbartolo, Cioffi, LibertyMazer 4, Yingling 4, Allen 2, Hollenbush, Spain, PowellLee 3

Western ConferenceEdit

(G2) Southside Snipers vs. (RM2) Pikes Peak ProwlersEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Southside goals Pikes Peak goals Winning goalie
1May 5St. Louis, MOSouthside 6, Pikes Peak 3Bruce 3, Thompson, Shields, LonessIngrum, Yogi, CarrollBrown
2May 5St. Louis, MOPikes Peak 2, Southside 1BruceBogenreif, HarrisonRisenhoover
3May 6St. Louis, MOSouthside 8, Pikes Peak 0Thompson 3, Althnether, Bruce 2, Jost, Loness Brown
4May 6St. Louis, MOSouthside 5, Pikes Peak 1Reis 2, Maroon 2, PetrovHarrisonBrown
Snipers win series 3-1Bruce 6, Thompson 4, Loness 2, Reis 2, Maroon 2, Shields, Althnether, Jost, PetrovHarrison 2, Ingrum, Yogi, Carroll, BogenreifBrown 3

Founders Cup FinalsEdit


(G2) Southside Snipers vs. (NE2) Boston Roller RatsEdit

Game-by-Game Location Score Southside goals Boston goals Winning goalie
1May 25Colorado Springs, COBoston 6, Southside 3Altnether, Jost, MaroonMcGeown, Brennan, Millette 2, Squillacioti, LibertyLee
2May 25Colorado Springs, COBoston 3, Southside 2Loness, JostKing, McGeown, St. CyrLee
3May 26Colorado Springs, COSouthside 5, Boston 3Loness, Jost, Reis 2, MaroonMillette, Squillacioti, GouletBrown
4May 26Colorado Springs, COSouthside 7, Boston 3Loness 2, Clarke, Reis 3, MaroonMillette, Squillacioti, BrennanBrown
5May 27Colorado Springs, COSouthside 4, Boston 3Maroon 2, Reis, ClarkeBrennan, King, CioffiBrown
6May 27Colorado Springs, COBoston 6, Southside 3Carroll, Reis, MaroonBrennan, Interbartolo, Goulet, Millette, King, McGeownLee
7May 27Colorado Springs, COBoston 2, Southside 1MaroonCioffi, McGeownLee
Roller Rats win series 4-3Reis 7, Maroon 7, Loness 4, Jost 3, Clarke 2, Altnether, CarrollMillette 5, McGeown 4, Brennan 4, Squillacioti 3, King 3, Goulet 2, Cioffi 2, Liberty, St. Cyr, InterbartoloLee 4

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