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Template:Infobox NCRHA season The 2009–10 NCRHA Junior College Division season began on September 26, 2009 and ended with the College Roller Hockey National Championship Tournament's championship game on April 11, 2010 at the Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose, California.

Regular season[]

Member organization standings[]

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Member organization winners[]

The Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League ended their regular season with a tournament. The winner of this tournament receive an automatic invitation to the 2010 NCRH Junior College Division College Roller Hockey National Championships. Three member organizations did not have a regional tournament, instead giving their automatic invitation to their regular season champions.

Member Organization Regular
Season Winner
Player of the Year
Venue (City)
Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association Suffolk No tournament
Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League St. Charles 2010 GPCIHL Junior College Division Regional Championships Omni Sportsplex
(St. Peters, Missouri)
St. Charles
Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League Schoolcraft No tournament
Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League Saddleback No tournament

Statistical leaders[]

Scoring leaders[]

Penalty Minutes
Player School PTS Player School G Player School A Player School PIM
Mike Russell St. Charles 61 Tyler Lekas Saddleback 41 Georgie Barber Citrus 29 Sean Daft St. Charles 44
Tyler Lekas Saddleback 56 Mike Russell St. Charles 40 Fran Bertagni Saddleback 24 Eric Urso Suffolk 44
Georgie Barber Citrus 53 Bryan Lowe St. Louis 27 Mike Russell St. Charles 21 Aaron McIntyre Schoolcraft 40
Max Stern Suffolk 40 Max Stern Suffolk 26 Justin Wheeler St. Charles 19 Brian Price Suffolk 36
Bryan Lowe St. Louis 37 Georgie Barber Citrus 24 David Demerest Schoolcraft 19 Kenny Gales St. Charles 34

Goaltending leaders[]

Goals Against Average
Save Percentage
Player School W Player School GAA Player School PCT
Taz Viloria Saddleback 11 Michael Kielian Schoolcraft 2.77 Adam Traw St. Charles .882
Albert Flores Citrus 10 Adam Traw St. Charles 2.90 Michael Kielian Schoolcraft .870
Adam Traw St. Charles 9 Taz Viloria Saddleback 4.56 Taz Viloria Saddleback .828
Michael Kielian Schoolcraft 7 Dale Ingenthron St. Louis 4.58 Albert Flores Citrus .815
Dale Ingenthron St. Louis 6 Adam Suraud St. Louis 5.04 Dale Ingenthron St. Louis .803

Collegiate Roller Hockey National Championships[]

Template:Main The NCRHA Collegiate Roller Hockey National Championships started on April 9, 2010 and concluded on April 11 at the Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose, California. Of the 6 teams that were invited to participate, 4 were automatic bids while 2 were at-large bids. The 2 at-large teams came from 2 member organizations.