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Alain Lemieux (born May 24, 1961 in Montreal, Quebec) is a retired ice hockey player. He played in the National Hockey League with the St. Louis Blues, Quebec Nordiques, and Pittsburgh Penguins.


In 1986 he also played in Switzerland for EHC Olten. He also played most of the 1986–87 season with the AHL's Baltimore Skipjacks then went to the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins for the rest of the season. However while with the Penguins, Lemieux only played 1 game in a Pittsburgh uniform. On February 17, 1987 Alain played with the Pens against the Calgary Flames. He then returned to the Baltimore Skipjacks for the first half of the 1987–88 season and then finished the season with the Hershey Bears. While in Baltimore, he recorded 88 games, 43 goals, 70 assists, 113 points, and 66 total penalty minutes. In 1994, Lemieux played 12 games with the RHI's Pittsburgh Phantoms. 1994 was the franchise's only season.

Hall of Fame Brother[]

Alain is also the older brother of NHL great Mario Lemieux.

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