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Template:Infobox Inline Hockey Award The Best Overall Record Trophy is an award presented by the Professional Inline Hockey Association (PIHA) to the team that finishes with the most points in the league during the regular season. If two teams tie for the most points, then the trophy goes to the team with the most wins. The Best Overall Record Trophy has been awarded nine times to six teams since first awarded in 2002. The most recent recipients of the trophy are the Suffolk Sting, who finished the 2009–10 season with 22 wins and 45 points, winning their first ever Best Overall Record Trophy.


The trophy was introduced at the end of the 2002 PIHA season by the league's Founders. Only four times has the Best Overall Record Trophy winner gone on to win the Founders Cup in their respective years. The only team to have won the Best Overall Record Trophy more than once is the Pennsylvania Typhoon (formerly the York Typhoon), with four.


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Year Winner Points Playoff Result Win #
2002 York Typhoon Won Founders Cup 1
2003 York Typhoon 46 Won Founders Cup 2
2004 York Typhoon 26 Won Founders Cup 3
2005 York Typhoon 58 Lost Founders Cup final (PHI) 4
2006 Philadelphia Growl 58 Won Founders Cup 1
2007 Pittsburgh Bandits 60 Lost Division final (HBG) 1
2008 Midwest Tornados 60 Lost Division final (SSD) 1
2009 Colorado Springs Thunder 62 Won Founders Cup 1
2010 Suffolk Sting 45 Lost Conference final (NJ) 1

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