The Newron Sports Group Cup, donated by Major League Roller Hockey Commissioner Bill Raue, is the second oldest professional inline hockey trophy in North America. Originally inscribed the Jason Cup, the trophy started out as an award for the MLRH's top-ranking professional inline hockey club. Today, it is awarded to the top team in the Major League Roller Hockey's MLRH Pro Tour.

In 1998, after the hiatus of Roller Hockey International, Major League Roller Hockey opened its doors and the Jason Cup was founded to be given the winner of the 1998 league finals. In 2004, the cup became the Elite Sports Group Cup.

Since the 1998 season, the trophy has been won a combined eight times by seven MLRH defunct teams. After the 1998 season, the championship was held as an amateur championship. There were two seasons that the Newron Sports Cup has not been awarded: the 1999 season, because of the rebirth of Roller Hockey International, and 2005-aaa season when MLRH restructured the league as a pure amateur league.

MLRH ChampionsEdit

The MLRH Championship MVP is awarded to the player who is judged to be the most valuable player to his team during the championship series. It was first awarded during the 1998 playoffs.

Season Winning team Coach Losing team Coach Score(s) Winning goal Most Valuable Player
1998 Anaheim Bullfrogs (C) Orlando Surge (S) 5–4
1999 No Season
2000 Rocky Mountain Wolverines (W) Hampton Roads Destroyers (E) 27–5
2001 Colorado Crush Marple Gladiators
2002 Williamsburg Warriors Massachusetts Jokers (L) 11–4, 12–4
2009 Buffalo Wings

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