This is a list of teams that once played in the Professional Inline Hockey Association but no longer exist in the league. This includes franchises which have relocated to different cities. The years of operation only reflect the time in which that team was in the PIHA; it does not take into account any time in which the franchise operated in another league (such as Roller Hockey International, Major League Roller Hockey or American Inline Hockey League).

Defunct teams

Team Seasons Relocated to
Cherry Hill Renegades 2002
Delaware Blue Diamond Blades 2002
Line Lexington Law Dawgs 2002
Mount Laurel Generation 2002
Pottstown Machine 2002
Reading Nasty Boyz 2002–2004
Marple Grenades 2003
Philadelphia Beast 2003
West Chester Shockwave 2003 Downingtown Rage
Philadelphia Growl 2003–2008
Bridgewater Extremes 2004
Buffalo Wings 2004 went to MLRH
Downingtown Rage 2004–2005
Frederick Vipers 2004
Morristown Minutemen 2004–2006 changed name to New Jersey Minutemen
South Jersey Scrappers 2004
PA West Inferno 2005 changed name to Scottdale Inferno
Pittsburgh Phantoms 2006 changed name to Pittsburgh Bandits
Richmond Rollin Robins 2006–2007 changed name to Richmond Robins
Scottdale Inferno 2006–2008
Boston Roller Rats 2007 changed name to Boston Swamp Rats
New Jersey Minutemen 2007 changed name to New Jersey Stampede
Pottstown eXpress 2007
Cincinnati Flying Monkeys 2007–2008
Feasterville Fury 2007–2008
Hartford Fire Ants 2007–2008
Massachusetts Bombers 2007–2008
New Jersey Grizzlies 2007–2008
Pittsburgh Bandits 2007–2008
Arizona Strike 2008
Aston Demolition 2008
Boston Swamp Rats 2008
Chicago Untouchables 2008
East Bay Jawz 2008
El Paso Black Diamonds 2008
Long Island 495ers 2008
Maryland Knights 2008
New Jersey Stampede 2008
Northeast Philadelphia Revolution 2008
Northern California Mustangs 2008
Phoenix Dragons 2008
Raleigh Assault 2008
Richmond Robins 2008
Sacramento Saxons 2008
San Jose Pirates 2008
Tucson Desparados 2008
Savannah Stingers 2008 Williamsburg Stingers
Williamsburg Stingers 2008
Winchester Generals 2008

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