Major League Roller Hockey AA
2009–10 MLRH AA
Sport Inline hockey
Founded [[1998 - Alexandra, Virginia]]
CEO Bill Raue
No. of teams 5
Country(ies) United States (5 teams)
Most recent champion(s) Florida Fusion
Official website

The 2009-10 MLRH AA current has 5 teams in the league split up into 2 divisions. The north division consists of the Detroit Revolution, DC Filibusters and the Chicago RollerSnakes. While the south division consists of the Virginia Wings and the Raleigh Dragons. Earlier in the season the Florida Fusion had an AA team but, had to fold due to not paying their league fees.

The top two teams in the north division will play a one game playoff to see who will play the top team in the south division for the league championship.

North Division
Team. W L OTL Pts
Detroit Revolution 10 3 1 21
DC Filibusters 7 2 1 15
Chicago Rollersnakes 3 5 0 6
South Division
Team. W L OTL Pts
Raleigh Dragons 6 4 0 12
Virginia Wings 0 5 0 0

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