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The Michigan Roller Hockey Association, or MRHA, is an amateur inline hockey league formed in 2006 and based on Metro Detroit, Michigan. Template:TOCright

Previous names[]

The MRHA is a combination of the Michigan Inline Hockey Association (MIHA) and the Detroit Roller Hockey Association (DRHA). In January 2006, the MIHA ceased operations and combined its teams and leagues with the DRHA.


The MIHA's original rinks included Plex Arena (formerly Skateplex) in Sterling Heights, and MaxxArena in Shelby Township.

The DRHA's rink was the South heights arena in Sterling Heights.

In January 2006, Plex Arena was sold to a local business. The new MRHA operates out of MaxxArena and Joe Dumars Fieldhouse.


The MRHA has three leagues, each with multiple divisions. Leagues for the 2006 winter season included House, Rec and Open. There are Youth and Adult divisions within each league.


House divisions consist of randomly picked players on random teams. These players are usually beginners or are still improving their skills and are not ready for an open or rec team.


Rec divisions are the next level up from House. They consist of players who are usually selected for a team by a coach.


Open divisions consist of the best players in the league, who usually try out for a specific team


Although the MIHA was affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for its inline hockey, the MRHA has no such connection with the AAU or USA Hockey Inline.


MRHA games follow the same rules as National Hockey League games, except that there is no rule against icing or being offside.

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