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The Mission Snipers is a professional roller hockey team from New York which competes in the NARCh Pro and TORHS Pro tournament series.

The Mission Snipers are one of the oldest Roller Hockey organizations in the country. This organization has won the most NARCh National Championships in the world.Template:Citation needed

In 1999, The Mission Snipers and the Detroit Mission Stars received Inline Hockey Central's Game of the Year Award. Mike Cianfranni also received the Player of the Year Award presented by Inline Hockey Central.

In 2007, the Mission Snipers won the NARCh Winter Nationals in Arizona. The D-1 team (who is most of their pro roster) took out the Mission Habs in the Championship game. At that same tournament, the Midget team captured the victory over a strong AKS team. The last summer victory was in 2006, also in the D-1 Division, where they beat the Mission Militia in OT.

The Snipers' most recent Pro championship was at the 2008 East Coast WinterNationals, when they defeated the LA Pama Cyclones in the championship game.

Pro Team:

  • Derek Kern
  • Greg Thompson
  • Jonathan Mosenson
  • David Kull
  • Phil Maroon
  • Brendan Nelson
  • Kyle Kraemer
  • John Healy
  • Pete Pennecke
  • J.P Susco
  • Coach: Tim McManus

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