The Scott Rupp Award, originally known as the Professional Inline Hockey Association Most Valuable Player Award, is awarded annually to the "player adjudged most valuable to his team" in the Professional Inline Hockey Association. The Scott Rupp Award has been awarded seven times to seven different players since its beginnings in 2002. Each year, members of the Professional Inline Hockey Association staff determine the player who was the most valuable to his team during the regular season.


The Scott Rupp Award was originally called the PIHA League MVP. It was renamed the Rupp Award during the 2005-06 season when PIHA received the right from Scott Rupp to use his name on their MVP award.

The League MVP Award was first awarded at the conclusion of the 2001-02 PIHA season. The winner of the first League MVP award was Brian Yingling of the York Typhoon. None of the six recipients of the award have won it more than once.

Brian Yingling (2002) and older brother Steve Yingling (2003) both of the York Typhoon are the only set of brothers to both win the award. The York Typhoon are also the only team to have more than one winner.

Ryan Clemens (2006) of the Littleton Fire and Joe D'Aloisio (2007) of the Philadelphia Growl are the only two goaltenders in PIHA history to have won the award. They are the last two winners.

The first three winners of the award are all now on different teams; Brian Yingling and Steve Yingling who were on the York Typhoon, are now on the Colorado Springs Thunder and the Harrisburg Lunatics respectively; and Jim Vivona won the award with the Morristown Minutemen is now a member of the Philadelphia Growl.

Brian Yingling and Jim Vivona are the only two players to win the award along with the Joe Cook Award for league leading scorer in the same season. Brian Yingling and Joe D'Aloisio are the only players to win the Rupp Award along with a Walt Frazier Award for Playoff MVP with Yingling winning the Playoff MVP in 2004 and D'Aloisio winning in 2006.


Positions key
F Forward D Defense G Goaltender


Season Winner Team Position Win #
2002 Template:Sortname York Typhoon F 1
2003 Template:Sortname York Typhoon F 1
2004 Template:Sortname Morristown Minutemen F 1
2005 Template:Sortname Harrisburg Lunatics D 1
2006 Template:Sortname Littleton Fire G 1
2007 Template:Sortname Philadelphia Growl G 1
2008 Template:Sortname Midwest Tornados F 1

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